About CSG Defence

CSG Defence's portfolio of companies includes the development, production and sale of military and special wheeled and tracked vehicles, off-road trucks, weapons and weapon systems.
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About CSG Defence

What we do?

The CSG Defence Division brings together traditionaland new defence companies operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries.

The portfolio of companies belonging to the CSG Defence division includes, for example, the development, production, and sale of military and special wheeled and tracked vehicles, heavy off-road trucks, weapons, and special weapon systems. The companies of the CSG Defence division also develop and manufacture ammunition of medium and large calibres for combat vehicles, artillery and tanks, and sell small arms or equipment for pyrotechnic services. In addition, the companies of the CSG Defence division also produce engineering products for the automotive and aerospace industry, special mobile containers or, for example, equipment and accessories for land and aircraft military technology. The production of the CSG Defence division thus has a wide application in many spheres and with various components of the armed forces and security forces. The division’s offer also includes training of crews and support staff, logistical support and comprehensive provision of the technical life cycle.

Our companies
Excalibur Army

Development and production of military equipment


Development and production of wheeled armoured vehicles

MSM Land Systems

Long tradition in modernisation, repair and servicing of military tracked and wheeled equipment for the armed forces and security forces

ZVS Holding

An expert in ammunition of all kinds

VOP Nováky

Ammunition production and life cycle expert

FM Granada

Large calibre ammunition, propellants and missiles


Development, production and service of ammunition, defence and civil equipment

VÝVOJ Martin

Specialist in the design and manufacture of mobile and modular towers, navigation systems and special military and civilian containers


Components for the defense industry, railway industry, and engineering.


Top mobility thanks to the Tatra chassis.

CSG Compliance Program

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Ethics line

Unlawful or unethical behaviour is unacceptable to us. In an effort to effectively prevent and detect it, we have created an internal whistleblowing system - an ethics hotline based on anonymity, confidentiality and impartiality in the assessment of each report.

Ethics line

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct forms the basis of the Group's compliance program and its employees, as well as management, are obliged to follow the Code in their daily work.

Code of Conduct